How much is a portrait session?

It depends on what type of portrait session you wish to book. Please refer to the Portraits page for further details on the portrait sessions that I offer.

When and how do I make a booking?

I recommend booking your session well in advance to ensure that your desired date is available. If you are needing a last minute portrait session, I will always try to accommodate you where possible.

For expectant mothers, I recommended that you book your pregnancy session for sometime during your last trimester with the seventh month usually proving to be the perfect time.

For newborns, I recommend calling to reserve your session before your baby is due. Newborns are best photographed within the first ten days of their arrival when they curl up more readily and then we will be able to capture those adorable sleeping newborn images.

To check availability and make a booking, please contact me.

What should I expect?

Prior to your portrait session, we will get together for a portrait planning session so that I can get to know more about your family, children or you as a couple, and to discuss ideas, locations, provide clothing advise and general tips for your session. This ensures that your session is tailored to suit your needs and reflects who you are.

Portrait sessions are relaxed, fun and simplistic. I aim is to capture emotion and the true essence of the people I photograph.

How long will my session take?

Most sessions take 1-3 hours, with family and newborn sessions taking a little longer. For family sessions it really depends on the age and number of participants,  but on average these sessions take 2 hours. With newborn and baby sessions it tends to take a little longer again to allow for feeding, nappy changes and settling.

With children, some just love the camera and others are a little camera shy so I take the time to engage with them and create a relaxed environment which results in unique images that are highly emotive and capture their individual personalities.

Where will my session take place?

Sessions take place at a location of your choice within the Perth Metropolitan Area whether it be your home, a nearby park, the beach, the river or any location that may have special significance to you. I will assist you with determining the perfect location and style for your session. A time of day will then be scheduled to suit your location.

How can I prepare for my session?

For child and family portrait sessions, better results will be achieved if both you and your child/ren are well rested, well fed and happy.  Where possible, it is a good idea not to have anything scheduled for the night before or on the same day as your session.

if your session is away from your home, be sure to bring snacks and something to drink and a change of clothes.

Whilst my style of photography uses very few props, please feel free to bring any items that are special to your child - whether it be their favourite doll, teddy, truck or even a musical instrument - as it is nice to have some images with their favourite things to reflect on in years to come.

Children obviously sense when their parents are stressed so to ensure the best results, it is important that you are calm, happy and relaxed prior to and during your session.

What should we wear?

Family/Couples - it is best avoid clothing with patterns, stripes or logos as they tend to be distracting and take the attention away from the subject of the portrait. As the session is meant to be relaxed and fun, I recommend simple clothing, jeans, khakis and solid coloured tops, or a even a simply gorgeous dress or skirt and top. For a more clean classic look, it is always best to dress in similar tones where there are more than a couple of participants.

Children - there is more flexibility with clothing choices for individual portraits. It is best to go with clothing that is comfortable, vibrant and fun. There is nothing better than adding a little personality in warmer weather with vibrant clothing, and on the cooler days with beanies, scarves, a favourite coat, tights, boots, or even an umbrella and rain boots. I recommend bringing along a change of clothes, together with any favourite dress-up clothes like a costume or tutu as these can have a great impact in a few images too.

Newborns & Babies - there is nothing more natural and beautiful than the bare skin of a newborn, so I prefer to photography newborns with minimal to no clothing. For parents and siblings, I recommend the classic clothing choice of jeans, khakis, and a solid coloured top, or even a simply gorgeous dress or skirt and top.

Pregnancy - the best choice is clothing that shows of your beautiful bump! Ideally something fitted that can be pulled up easily - some of your pre-pregnancy tops could work well.  Pregnancy sessions are fun and a great time for creativity with the use of sheer materials, fabrics, a selection of outfits or some beautiful lingerie. Prior to the session, please wear loose fit clothing as clothing marks can take a while to disappear. For partners and siblings, I recommend classic clothing choices.

What if my child is sick?

If your child is sick, please call to reschedule as better results will be achieved when everyone is at their best. Although 24 hours notice for rescheduling is appreciated, I understands that sudden illnesses do arise and cannot be avoided.

What happens after my portrait session?

I will contact you to schedule a viewing session for within two weeks of your photo shoot.

Together with you and your partner, we will view a selection of professionally finished images from your portrait session, select your favourites and decide how best to present your portraits so that you have beautiful pieces of art for your home.

All portrait orders are confirmed and finalised at the portrait viewing session.

For further information, please visit Frequently Asked Questions



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